Terms and Conditions

These terms and Conditions have been curated to protect the information collected by us and the data shared by you as a user of this platform. In this particular document, we have mentioned the policies of companies code of conduct and your consent to these courses of conduct. It also contains the legal obligation of the user/consumer/individual while using our services and the Company's action in place of the services provided.

The terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement apply to the service that is made available to users by the "Promotionsgenie ."All the clauses mentioned in the document represent a legally binding agreement between "the company," "We," "US" OUR," and the "customer/consumer / Individual / you "who make use of the services.

Before availing our services, we recommend you go through this agreement or document better to understand companies' policies and codes of conduct as it refers to the obligations of the Company and the individual.

• General

Any time you use the Company's services, you consent to these terms and conditions and the privacy policy statement as published on the Company's web page. Please make sure that you have thoroughly gone through the agreement, clauses, and conditions presented in this document.

We, The Company, reserve the right to restrict the use of the website and its services to any individual if found in violation of the below-mentioned terms and conditions. Or anything else that might be considered unethical without serving any notice prior to termination of the use of the services.

• Third-Party Links tracking

We have established links to various third party platforms, merchandisers, marketers, and advertisers on the webpage. We track the users who click on those links and track their activity all along the process. By using any of the established, you give your consent to being tracked.

• Who Can Derive Benefit from Our services?

Promotionsgenie is an all-inclusive organization, and we don't discriminate either on the grounds of ethnicity, culture, nationality or on the grounds of gender. The Company wants each one of you to enjoy the benefits that could be derived from our services to their fullest potential. Hence we are constantly working to enhance the security measures put in place to ensure a safe and secure:

• You must be 13 years of age or older
• We have not terminated the use of our service to you in case of any violation of the agreement or policies.
• You can not be a convicted sex offender.
• You are allowed by law to receive our services.

Your Interaction and Use of Our Services

You agree Not To Use Our services in the Following Manner:

• Act in violation of any of the stated conditions or laws mentioned in this document, "Terms and Conditions"

• Pretend to be someone else to use our services.

• Any objectionable content should be refrained from sharing in the comments section or anywhere on the platform, including but not limited to any image, picture, or text that could be considered obscene or sexually explicit, Causing harm to someone's privacy, or is culturally, ethnically or racially profiling or hurtful in nature.

• Any content that is someone else's intellectual property is in violation of the copyright laws, or it could trigger the copyright laws to be strictly prohibited.

• Sharing images, content, or advertisements that have nothing to do with the entity without seeking the Company's permission is strictly prohibited.

• Cause any harm to the software of the platform, or to the platform, By exposing it to encrypted files, programs, content, or images or codes that could limit the functionality and use of the services.

• Try to break in or access the service or Company's portal without authorized access to it.

Governing Laws:

We would like to ensure that your interaction and experience with our services is just as hassle-free and convenient for you as possible, and if you have any questions referring to this document or the privacy policy statement, feel free to reach out to admin@Promotionsgenie.com.

Nevertheless, if you are ever found in violation of this agreement, the Company reserves the right to take legal action as per the Laws Of California. Similarly, by utilizing our services, you agree to settle any claims or arising disputes in a court of law and as per the conditions of the laws of California.

Limitation Of Liability:

Our team works dedicatedly to craft and curate the content available on the Company's website, including any images, coupons, deals, and promotion codes displayed on the third-party website. However, we make no such claims that the content is 100% accurate or error-free. The Company cannot be held liable for any refunds, claims, or cash backs, regardless of the nature of the transaction. Neither could it be held liable for all the disruptions or non-availability of the coupons, deals or promotion codes. The Company also does not take any liability for the safety or security of the content or the product. It DISCLAIMS ANY CLAIM TO ANY WARRANTY, WHETHER IMPLIED OR EXPLICIT. INCLUDING THE WARRANTIES GIVEN BY THIRD-PARTY WEBSITES, VENDORS, MERCHANTS, OR INFRINGEMENTS. We do not take liability for the content displayed on third-party websites or any link that leads you to a third-party website. Neither do we control the images or content or links you encounter on the third party website.

No one else or we can accurately predict where and when the issue or problems with our services might arise. Consequently, our liability is only limited to the pictures, blog posts, content, data, or links established on the Promotionsgenie under the laws of California. Under no circumstances the entity Promotionsgenie will be held liable or can be held liable to any merchant, Vendor, Third Party, Affiliate Program, Store, OR Network for the loss of information or loss in monetary terms or profit, or harm to data arising out of these arrangements.

The Right To Use Our Platform And The Intellectual Property Clause:

Here the entity "Promotionsgenie" grants you a non-transferable, royalty-free, free of any charges or fees, and non-exclusive right to use our services. The License rights are only allowed to you and can only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes. Any content, image, blog post, the user interface developed, or any other type of content displayed on the website is the intellectual property of the "Promotionsgenie." The Company and nothing available on the Company's website, i.e., www. Promotionsgenie.com including but limited to images, pictures, Gifs, videos, Content, and coupons, can be used for commercial and personal gain. However, you are free to use and suggest any recommendations and make any comments for the betterment of the Company and its services under the guidelines mentioned in the terms and conditions. The Company also reserves the right to delete or use any comment that could complement the services or use as they deem fit and hold no obligation to you.

Advertisements, Promotions, and Content of Third Parties:

The content, images, articles, Self-help tips, or coupons might contain links to third-party platforms, affiliates, vendors, and merchants. In the event of an embedded link, appropriate disclosure will be made pertaining to the link. Please understand that the link is placed for advertising and marketing purposes and also to provide a solution to the customers seeking answers to their problems.

The Company Promotionsgenie does not control nor has any say over the content, images or advertisements or video content established on the third party website. While We do our due diligence while making recommendations, it does not in any way guarantee 100% surety to be the suitable recommendation, and any of the content displayed on third-party platforms is subject to change.

Consequently, The Promotionsgenie can not be held liable for any claims made by the merchants, networks, vendors, or any third party in their advertisement or the content displayed on the third-party platforms neither do we confirm nor do we stand behind the claims made by the third-party platforms.


The Promotionsgenie reserves the right to change the terms mentioned above and conditions as it deems satisfactory at any point in time, without any prior notice to the customers, readers and users of the platform. Nevertheless, anytime the Company makes changes to the said document, it will be updated on this page. You can find out by looking at the updated date before you utilize anything available on the platform. By availing of our services, you give your consent to any of the above-mentioned terms and conditions.

The Promotionsgenie
Date: 10/10/2022