Privacy Policy

We Thank you for using Promotionsgenie as your go-to stop for all of your shopping needs. Please understand that the privacy policy on the platform has only been created to protect you and to increase the security measures put in place to stop identity theft. It Also applies to any promotion or link or product you access through the platform and the data collected from the usage of those resources. The sole purpose of privacy is to make the experience as genuine, unique and safe for you as possible.

In this document you will discover the methodologies, mediums and strategies we have designed to procure your data, gather and utilize it to our advantage. The only reason why we collect the information is to mold the shopping experience to your needs and make this website easier for you to navigate through. This document will also tell you about the areas we will be using your Information, your rights as the consumer of our services under the laws of the United States.

By using, reading and availing any of the resources available on the platform you give consent to gather and utilize the data as per the guidelines stated in this privacy policy statement.


The below mentioned definitions or words shall have the same meaning regardless of the fact that they appear in singular and plural. You can identify these words and interpret their definitions by referring to this section of the document. Any such word’s initial alphabet will be capitalized in order for you to easily identify them.

For this Privacy policy following words will have the below mentioned meanings or interpretation.


Any account created for you to gain access or take advantage of the services available on the platform. Company: “We”, “US”,”Our” “The Company” earlier or from here onwards only refers to “Promotionsgenie”.


Any time you come across the term country, it should be interpreted as the United States.


It Refers to any source of communication including your mobile phones, smart phones, laptops, desktops, watches or any other device used to interact with the services.

How Does Promotionsgenie Gather your Data And Information:

When you sign up to our newsletter or to create an account on the platform, the Promotionsgenie fetches your name and email, age only if you choose to provide us that information. While signing up you might also be asked to give your contact details and other information of the identical nature.

Please understand that this privacy policy only refers to the data displayed on our website and services, information available on the website and pictures. If any of the links lead to third party websites, the company cannot be held liable for the data collected by third party websites. Should you choose to make comments or share your opinion in the comment section of blogs, articles or relating to promotions. Please understand that the data, images and information included in the comments will be displayed to the general public, which is why we suggest that you refrain from sharing information that might put you or your identity in jeopardy.

Information That Is Automatically Collected by Promotionsgenie:

When you are surfing through our platform some of the mean time information and data might be collected from you when you navigate your way through the website. The data collected might include the route you take to achieve your desired promotion or to arrive at the wanted result. We and the third party service providers might also collect your geographical location and ip address and the device you are using to access our platforms. The data and information collected is used to enhance the consumer’s experience on the website, as we constantly make changes to the user interface of the website. Please refer to section 3.1 to find out how we use the information and data collected by the company.

How Does the Company Utilize the Gathered Information?

Promotionsgenie, will use the information collected whether automatically or by choice provided by you in the following manner

• The Email address is used to build a customer database and might be used to reach out to you when encountered with an inquiry.

• To Deliver a multitude of services, products, promotions and references to upcoming major events that we think you might appreciate.

• To share Any other information we might think would interest you.

• Evaluating and analyzing patterns that could aid us in modifying the pre existing user interface of the website. And Rearrange the content on the website as per your preferences. Analysis of the data collected may also help us in curating and crafting content as well as offers that might interest you specifically, increase the efficiency of marketing campaigns run by the organization. It might also be used to eradicate the obstacles in our communication process.

• The Data collected may also be used to recognise any patterns and trends such as the amount of time spent on a particular webpage, the amount spent, and the type of customers.

• The information collected will also help in determining the security measures we need to put in place to safeguard the data from breaches and hackers.

• Compliance with the legal requirement of the state's policy, laws of the United States, and the policies established by the Company.

Who Will Be Allowed To Use Your Data:

Apart from the staff of Promotionsgenie i.e agents, marketers, consultants, third party services we employ, and several other people who are necessary to carry out day-to-day operations on behalf of the entity. Nevertheless, all the parties involved and to whom the information is disclosed are subject to legal obligations (i.e. Confidentiality agreement) and can only use the information gathered by the methodologies used by the entity to optimize the efficiency of user interface, experience and help with the relevant assistance required by the user. Any other use of the data collected by the company by third parties would be in violation of the agreement. Moreover, apart from the uses mentioned above we might allow access of the information shared with us:

• Merchants, Third party networks and the service aiding us in optimisation of the overall webpage experience.

• Advertisers, marketers and data analyzing services help us to create a more personalized experience for the consumers and users of our platform.

• We would share the acquired data and information to any law enforcement agencies if asked or requested by the authorities.

• To fulfill the obligations as a citizen of the United States to US law enforcement agencies.

• If the disclosure of information is necessary in any legal proceedings, to avoid any legal dispute or is necessary for an ongoing investigation by law enforcement agencies.

• With marketers, advertisers, and analytics departments to analyze the data pertaining to the origin of the user base.

• In any instance where we are required to disclose the information such as in the event of acquisition or the sale of company and its assets or in the event of dissolution of the company. However, In any such circumstance all the users will be notified via email or by a dedicated webpage for the particular cause.

The Tenure We Hold On To Your Data:

We will only retain the information as long as it proves to be beneficial for us and will make use of the services to provide you the services. In a rare instance we might use the information for a period longer than intended could be because of legal dispute or to resolve any conflict arising with a third party. Nevertheless, all the collected information will be liable and acted upon as per the policies mentioned in this privacy statement. By opening up a query with us we can accommodate your request and check within the servers and alleged database to see whether we hold any of the information of the said user. Similarly if you wish that the information shared by you does not become part of our database, or would like us to refrain from using the information and data provided, you can always ask that by writing an email to We will sure comply with request unless it is:

• The requested data is under investigation by any of the legal authorities.
• If the requested data is part of any ongoing legal investigation or criminal proceedings.
• If the data is required by any government controlled regulatory body.
Only in these circumstances or instances of similar sort will we not be able to entertain the request.

How You Can Control The Information You share:

• You can control the data collected by cookies on any third party platform. You can choose to share only necessary information or not share any information collected by cookies. However, doing so might affect the personalization of the websites, products, promotion and its interface eventually causing you trouble while you navigate through the website.

• At any time you choose to, you can stop and refrain from using the website.

• Should you choose to stay out of the upcoming events, updates and product launches that you might like. You can always unsubscribe from the newsletter and if you are unable to do so you can always ask for the assistance of our representative

How Do We Protect Your Data:

The competent and trustworthy staff of Promotionsgenie have acquired safe and secured domains and have put in relevant measures in place to safeguard the data collected through our medium and strategies. The professional staff is always here and constantly working to increase the safety of the acquired. However, please do understand that no information shared on the world wide web is ever truly 100% secured, there is always a possibility of breach and hackers cramming in. The Company cannot be held liable for any such breach or leak of data, neither the company ensures 100% security of the data collected. If you have any questions about how your data is secured from hackers, please feel free to reach out

Links To Third Party Platforms:

On the website there might be products, coupons, deals, and blog posts available containing links leading you to third party websites. Please understand that we have no access nor any control on those platforms and any activity incurred on the platform including the payment falls under the terms and condition and privacy policy stated by the Third party platforms. The Company Cannot be held liable for any fraudulent activity or breach of the information collected by third party platforms. Any time there is a link to any third party website, a disclosure will be made on the blog post.

Ecommerce And Affiliate Link Disclosure:

Promotionsgenie receives compensation from third-party platforms for publishing their links through affiliate marketing programs which includes the purchases and items bought through the links of several e-commerce partners. You will find an affiliate link disclosure on all the blog posts, product reviews, and codes pertaining to affiliate programs.