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Revolutionizing the consumer surfing, browsing and e-shopping experience by offering tried and tested hacks, tips and coupons on your most desired items.


Promotionsgenie is a team of young, driven and solution-oriented individuals who are constantly determined to provide the best promotion coupons from stores worldwide. We want to make shopping an accessible experience for everyone. Each one of the individuals working is constantly determined to learn and put in not only what we have learned but working on the feedback received from the customers and users of our platform. We Understand that our avid readers are the essence of our organization. This is why enhancing and increasing access to different platforms, stores, travel, and services is the organization's ultimate goal at Promotionsgenie.

Promotions For Everyone:

At Promotionsgenie, you can expect to see discounts and promotional codes from stores around the world. In addition, you will find some exclusive offers from renowned stores worldwide, which you might not be able to track down on any other websites.

Locating the Best Deals Is Easier Than Ever:

Gone are the days of bouncing from one platform to another to find the best prices. Not only is it time consuming, but it can get overwhelming, especially after long days of work. After all, shopping is supposed to be fun, but it can quickly get depressing with most of your loved items out of your budget. However, with the compiled list of coupons and upcoming discounts, you would not have to compromise on your wants.

Learn Tips And Tricks:

From traveling to saving, Fashion to upcoming advanced gadgets, we break down every niche here at Promotionsgenie, and if your life is a one-stop shop for problems, Promotionsgenie is the only stop you would need to make to encounter these problems.