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We left Boulder, Colorado in April of 2007 and took a year off to start a business and travel the world with our 2 kids on a tight budget, and simply live. When I say on a tight budget I really mean it. We simply gave everything we had away and just took off – Robert and I, a few thousand dollars, 2 backpacks and 2 kids. We were adamant about finding out how to combine both work and pleasure and to really try to live the dream of traveling while working simultaneously. We knew that this baby carrier idea of ours wouldn`t go away and had huge potential. Yet, starting a business from scratch while traveling the world with 2 kids was something we would need to put some effort into. We felt that we were up to it.I had the idea and Robert made it all happen. He has never worked for anybody and has always found his way himself – a born entrepreneur. We met while I was working as an English teacher in Eastern Europe. He happened to be cycling through the town of Kosice, Slovakia en route from Slovenia to explore some neighboring countries. For a meeting of chance and at first not even speaking a common language, we were determined to figure out a way to make things work. We complement each other in a wonderful way. Although we have that same enthusiasm toward life and all that is possible, he is a bigger risk taker than I am, really knows how to organize, and how to get things done. Business comes naturally to him. We started our life together in Slovenia and then moved to Boulder, CO. America is an ideal place for souls like his as there isn`t so much red tape when it comes to testing out different ventures.


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